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Seaside Women's Golf Club

About Us

Mission Statment
 “to promote and foster among its members a closer bond for the mutual benefit, and to promote and conserve the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions”.

SWGC was founded in 1997 to provide women a foundation for learning, practicing, and playing the game of golf in a welcoming environment. We organize weekly playdays, tournaments and member-guest events. We play 18 holes on both Championship golf courses, Bayonet and Blackhorse alternating each week. As a member, you will play at a reduced rate for green and cart fees on our play days.





Memberships are available year-round.  The annual fee entitles the member to a NCGA handicap and access to all events, including weekly play. The membership year is January to December; however, a prorated amount will be accessed for those joining in July or beyond. Each new member is required to serve as a starter and scorer three times during the year. This is necessary in order support our weekly playdays.

Members are responsible to be Starter or Scorer at least 3 play days a year. Please sign up in advance. Starter arrive by 7:45 am. Starter will check players in, collect sweeps and chip in money. Starter will be in the last group. There will be a Weekly sheet with game information. Scorer will be in the first group. At the end of play Scorer will collect score cards, record scores on weekly sheet. Awards will be verified and paid the following week

Membership Application

SWGC Dues $26.00 
NCGA Dues $39.00 
Total Membership Dues $65.00 

Applicants that do not have an active GHIN must pay an additional NCGA fee of $10.00 for a total of $75.00 (after July 1st $62).

Make Checks Payable to Seaside Women’s Golf Club
Mail To: Alice Drier 11600 Saddle Rd, Monterey CA 93940

Play Days

Play days: Tuesday Sign up
Our play day is scheduled each Tuesday at 8:30 am. Each week a different game is selected. Choosing to participate, you may buy into sweeps and/or the chip-in pot.  Sweeps and chip-in contributions are for members only. Guests are welcomed on our play days.

If you want to play with us on Tuesday, send your name and whether you will be walking or riding to Jennifer Ferguson at no later than Friday before 5pm.



Tournaments are scheduled throughout the year, including the Club Championship and a Partner Better Ball.  In addition, we offer various formats including the Captains Cups (Solheim format), Eclectic and match play events.  Two super guest days are also scheduled, yearly.

MONTH DATE COURSE:  Bayonet or Blackhorse Game Type Gross/Net GAME / TOURNAMENT
January 1/3/2023 B I N Even Holes 1/2 Hdcp
  1/10/232 BH I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #1
  1/17/2023 B I N Putts Only - Front, Back & Overall
  1/24/2023 BH I P Gross, Putts, Net - EC #1
  1/31/2023 B I N IF - Change 1 Hole Score to Par, Full Hdcp
February 2/7/2023 BH I N Best 9 - Choose Front or Back, 1/2 Hdcp
  2/14/2023 B P TBD Valentines Day - Guest Day
  2/21/2023 BH I N Tee to Green.  Subtract Putts From Each Hole Score, 1/2 Hdcp
  2/28/2023 B I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #2 - RAIN OUT
March 3/7/2023 BH I N 1 Day Match Play - Parings by Hdcp. 
  3/14/2023 B I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #2 - RESCHEDULE FROM 2/28/2023
  3/21/2023 BH I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #3
  3/28/2023 B P N/A Two Person Chapman Scotch - Non Postable Score
April 4/4/2023 BH I G & N Stableford
  4/11/2023 B I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #4
  4/18/2023 BH P N Cha, Cha - Partner net game, 1 ball on odd holes, 2 balls on even holes.
  4/25/2023 B I N Eenie Meanie - Chose 3-par 3's, 3-par 4's, 3-par 5's, 1/2 Hdcp
May   5/2/2023 BH I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #5
  5/9/2023 B I N Mutt & Jeff - Use All Par-5's & Par-3's and longest Par-4, 1/2 Hdcp
  5/16/2023 BH P N BB Partner Round 1
  5/23/2023 B P N BB Partner Round 2
  5/30/2023 B I G & N Medal Play - Gross & Net by Flight
June 6/6/232 B TBD TBD 2023 National Women's Golf Day
  6/13/2023 BH I N Criers - Change 3 worst scores to par.  Full Hdcp
  6/20/2023 B I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #6
  6/27/2023 BH I N OSEN - Use holes 1,6,7,8,9,11,16,17,18, 1/2 Hdcp
July 7/4/2023 B T N Red, White & Blue - Team Game, 1 BB on Red Flags, 2BB on White, 3-BB on Blue Flags.
  7/11/2023 BH I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #7
  7/18/2023 B I N T & F, Use holes 2,3,4,5,10,12,13,14,15, 1/2 Hdcp
  7/25/2023 BH I N Five & Four, Use first 5 holes, last 4 holes, 1/2 Hdcp
August 8/1/2023 B P N Partner Stableford, 1 Best Ball
  8/8/2023 BH I G & N Medal Play - Gross & Net by Flight
  8/15/2023 BH I N Even Holes, 1/2 Hdcp.
  8/22/2023 B I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #8
  8/29/2023 BH T N Flo Ferris Memorial Tournament - 70 Players, 8:30 SG Start, Game TBD
September 9/5/2023 B I N Eenie Meanie - Chose 3-par 3's, 3-par 4's, 3-par 5's, 1/2 Hdcp
  9/12/2023 BH I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #9
  9/19/2023 B T N Captains Cup
  9/26/2023 BH T N Captains Cup
October 10/3/2023 NO GOLF N/A N/A Helen Langfield - NCGA Tournament on Both Courses
  10/10/2023 BY I G & N Club Championship Round 1 
  10/17/2023 BH I G & N Club Championship Round 2
  10/24/2023 BH I N Criers - Change 3 Hole Score to Par - Full Hdcp
  10/31/2023 B I N Best 9, 1/2 Hdcp
November 11/7/2023 BH I N 1 Day Match Play - Parings by Hdcp. 
  11/14/2023 B I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net - EC #10
  11/21/2023 BH TBD TBD Turkey Trot
  11/28/2023 B I N Throw Out Three - Throw Out Three Worst Holes, Full Hdcp
December 12/5/2023 BH I G,P,N Gross, Putts, Net (EC Make Up If Needed)
  12/12/2023 B T N Holiday Shoot - Game TBD
  12/19/2023 BH I N Odd Holes, 1/2 Hdcp
  12/26/2023 B I G & N Medal Play - Gross & Net by Flight

Contact Us

Membership:  Email Alice Drier at
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