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Bayonet and Black Horse to convert fairways and tees to ryegrass!

Current Bent Grass   Sample of Rye Grass on BH #16


Bayonet and Black Horse fairway and tee grassing is currently bentgrass with contamination from grassy weeds such as Poa annua making the surface not in line with our goals. We have recently decided to convert the existing bentgrass fairways and tees to ryegrass.
As of Monday April 24th we have started the process of interseeding ryegrass into the existing fairways on Bayonet and will be completed by Friday April 28th. We will start interseeding Black Horse on Monday May 1st and hope to be completed by Friday May 12th.

What is Interseeding?
Interseeding is done with a machine that has sets of discs that create a slit or furrow for the seed to go under the canopy and make direct soil contact. Direct soil contact will increase germination and decrease the amount of water needed versus a traditional grow in.

Why are we converting to ryegrass?
We want to provide championship conditions with an appropriate grass selection. Over the past several years ryegrass has proven to be more tolerate of stresses such as cart traffic, tree roots and drought making it an ideal turf selection in our environment.

What will be the playing experience with ryegrass?
The ryegrass will provide a higher quality and more consistent playing surface along with faster divot recovery.

When should you see a change?
The ryegrass is expected to start germinating within 10+ days and we should start to see a changes within a month and significant improvements after 3 months.

Please send any feedback to
Pat Jones, PGA
General Manager

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