Services Offered

Full swing

Professionals will offer iron and driver instruction with video analysis. These videos can be uploaded to an online profile for access at a later date.

Short game

Basic fundamentals of the short game will be introduced, including: bunker play, chipping, and pitching.


Putting clinics will begin with the basic set up and putting stroke. Further instruction may lead into advanced green reading and speed control.

Club fitting

The FlightScope 3D Doppler launch monitor will be used to determine key launch characteristics. Professionals can evaluate current clubs and recommend new equipment that may improve performance.

FlightScope swing analysis

The FlightScope 3D Doppler Launch Monitor monitors every aspect of the swing and ball flight. This gives our professionals the opportunity to accurately diagnose several key factors in the golf swing. This data will be printed and given to all participants.

Playing lesson

Course management skills are a key success factor for any golfer, professionals will cover topics including: pre-shot routine, club selection, target selection, and mental skills.