Yardage Gapping

Our yardage gapping service allows us to provide you accurate carry and roll yardage with your full set of clubs. We recommend that anytime you purchase a new set of irons you looking into a yardage gapping session. There are many characteristics in a new club, ie. loft, type of shaft and flex which may affect your true yardage.

Measurements will be made with FlightScope X2 to determine your yardages. FlightScope Doppler technology to ensure that exact measurements are taken.

As you've seen on TV, tour professionals know exactly how far they hit each club. You should too! This will lead to improved course management and lower scores!



Carry Yardage


Total Yardage

Driver 270 yards 300 yards
3 Wood 250 yards 265 yards
Hybrid 230 yards 250 yards
4 Iron 200 yards 210 yards
5 Iron 178 yards 185 yards
6 Iron 158 yards 165 yards
7 Iron 150 yards
158 yards
8 Iron 138 yards 142 yards
9 Iron 132 yards 137 yards
PW 122 yards 125 yards
GW 107 yards 110 yards
SW 98 yards 100 yards
LW 68 yards 70 yards