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Titleist FittingWorks SureFit System

Advanced Fitting Center

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The Titleist FittingWorks SureFit System makes driver and iron fitting easier, faster and more precise than ever. With 15 driver and 20 iron interchangeable heads and 50 driver and 40 iron shafts,equipped with over 1,800 club combinations in their SureFit Carts. The SureFit system offers numerous driver and iron combinations to optimize performance for better players.



Callaway Fitting System

Callaway's new fitting cart features numerous RAZR Fit driver options, RAZR Fit Fairway wood combinations, and RAZR Hawk driver options to find the best driver and fairway wood combination for your game. The cart also carries all our current irons including RAZR XF, RAZR Black, RAZR HL, RAZR X, RAZR Tour, and RAZR Forged. Each cart has a large selection of in-line and exotic shafts in numerous weights and lengths giving players the ability to try numerous combinations in both woods and irons to instill confidence in their club choices.



Taylor Made Select Fit System

Originally developed by TaylorMade's R&D department for rapidly attaching driver and iron heads to demo shafts, the new TaylorMade SelectFit System offers golfers a custom-fitting experience with a broader array of golf club options to ensure the best fit for your swing. With the new fitting cart stocked with dozens of TaylorMade club heads of differing characteristics and dozens of shafts of differing make, flex, kickpoint and length, the number of complete club possibilities is more than 186 driver combinations and more than 258 iron possibilities - 200 more than the industry standard.



Mizuno's Performance Fitting System

In just a few swings, Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer ends the guesswork by measuring five critical aspects of your swing to determine your unique Swing DNA™. Your information is entered into Mizuno’s patented Shaft Optimizer software, which then recommends a shaft with performance characteristics perfectly matched to your individual swing.

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer


Club Head Speed:

How fast the club head and shaft are moving during your swing.


How quickly you transition from your backswing to your downswing.

Shaft Toe Down:

Measures how far the shaft bends in a downward direction during your downswing.

Shaft Kick Angle:

Measures how far the shaft bends forward during your downswing.

Release Factor:

How and when the club head and shaft are released during the downswing