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Club Fitting

Demo Days - Saturday's 8:00am - 2:30pm

Bayonet Black Horse golf professionals are ready to help you find the perfect set of clubs to improve your game. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, they will set up on the driving range and fit you into various brands of clubs that suit your preferences and performance needs. They will also be available to answer any questions you have about your current clubs or the latest products available free of charge!

*Please call the Proshop (831-899-7271) a day or two before Saturday to comfirm that we will be down there. Schedule is subject to change due to weather, staffing, or other big events that may be going on.

Club Fitting

Bayonet Black Horse golf professionals utilize the Flightscope Launch Monitor to ensure that you are properly fit to your clubs. All fittings are conducted outside on our 66,000 square foot Bentgrass practice tee.

Benefits of getting fit at Bayonet BlackHorse Golf Academy & Performance Center

 - Certified Professional fitters
- Fitting conducted outdoors
- Grass hitting area


Driver Fittings

Our golf professionals will put you through a state of the art fitting to find the proper spin, launch angle and ball speed to maximize your distance and accuracy.

Iron Fittings

Our golf professionals will help educate you on what the proper shaft flex, weight and club head design will best fit your game.

Wedge Fittings

Our golf professionals will help educate you on what the proper bounce and lofts you will need to complete your bag and enhance your short game. We have more then 60 wedges with a verity of lofts and bounces for you to try. We also have left handed wedges!

The Bayonet and Black Horse golf course is committed to providing you the best possible service when it comes to your equipment needs. You will have the opportunity to hit the latest clubs from the top manufacturers in the industry.


Please contact Tim Hlebo, PGA regarding a fitting or Demo Day appointment.


Titleist Fittings
Callaway Fittings
Taylormade Fittings
Mizuno Fittings
Cobra Fittings
XXIO Fittings
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